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Come to us for natural healing solutions. We take a patient-centered approach that addresses the whole person here at The Wellness Center of Big Spring. Our staff provides chiropractic care, botanical medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, and naturopathy treatments.

By combining the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing, we provide personalized plans for our patients.

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Dr. Bruce Frye is a chiropractic physician and doctor of naturopathic medicine. He treats, corrects and prevents neurological, skeletal and soft tissue dysfunction through manipulation of the spine and other joints.

He also specializes in naturopathic medicine which is functional medicine employing a wide array of natural treatments, including homeopathy, herbalism, as well as diet, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. We take a natural approach to all of our treatments, and we use essential oils for many of our treatments, as well. 

If you are interested in beginning your journey to wellness with us, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We’re located in Big Spring, TX, and we have served patients throughout the area since 2015. We look forward to welcoming you to our office!

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