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Meet Our Staff

If you are looking for cutting edge healthcare, come to the Wellness Center of Big Spring. If nothing has helped, let us help you. Our staff serves patients throughout Big Spring, TX; Midland, TX; and the surrounding areas. 

Dr. Bruce Frye, D.C. N.D.

Dr. Bruce Frye is a chiropractic physician and doctor of naturopathic medicine, and he is proud to welcome patients to a practice where real caring and compassion combine with education and experience to provide the best in naturopathic and chiropractic care. His philosophy of caring support to the patient’s overall well-being, along with the help of a hand-picked, knowledgeable and trained staff, creates excellence in both patient care and results.

With the addition of his son, Dustin Frye, who holds a degree in medical molecular biology, Frye Labs has formulated a multitude of herbal and nutritional nutriceuticals using cutting-edge microencapsulation technology which have proven to aid patients in quick recovery. These products are used in clinical settings by doctors around the country. 

Dr. Frye is able to utilize this knowledge to help patients not only with skeletal and muscular issues, but also those suffering with a myriad of other physical conditions. Dr. Frye currently has a naturopathic satellite clinic in South Carolina, as well as his main clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Frye has written two books: “How to Live in the Garden of Eden” and “I Have Taken His Name,” which are valuable tools not only for achieving optimum health but also for principles to live by.

Natural health runs in the family. Dr. Frye comes from a long line of healthcare providers beginning with his grandfather, Dr. Harry Frye, who was licensed in chiropractic in 1923 and practiced at the Frye Health Facility, a natural healing chiropractic hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tradition continued with his father, brother, and many uncles and cousins who practiced and are currently practicing in a variety of healthcare professions.

Dr. Frye’s approach to optimum health:

“The body should be treated as a whole system. To evaluate one organ or disease, it is imperative to look at the whole system. One deficiency or stressed organ may cause far-reaching effects showing up in other areas of the body. Herbs and vitamins are produced by nature and designed by God to be in harmonic balance with nature and man. From the Garden of Eden to now, herbs have been set among us for the healing of man. They have not been placed among us found deficient in their strength; they have been placed among us as a homeostatic balancing agent designed to work safely with our body.”

Kathleen Highley, CDA, RM

"I have benefited tremendously from the same kind of services we offer through the Wellness Center of Big Spring for many years. This experience made me want to learn these disciplines to help other people. The Lord has granted me favor with the opportunity to open the Wellness Center. I look forward to serving you." 

Michyla Hyde, LMT 

Michyla Hyde is a licensed massage therapist treating patients at the Wellness Center of Big Spring. 

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